COMPLETED - Estate Auction - Home Decor, Collectibles - April 13

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Estate Auction - Home Decor, Collectibles, Furniture
April 13, 2019 at 6:00pm pst.

Home Furnishings/Decor, Dan Bergsma Art Glass, Collectibles, Pottery, Swords, Copper, Clocks, Lamps, Toledo Scale, Hand Carved Headboard, Antique Buffet, Antique Dessert Server, Dining Table, Zenith Radio, Stereoscope Viewer, Uranium Glass, Cranberry Glass, Todd Phillips Glass Shades, Minerals, Geodes.

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Bidding Opens - MON APR 8th 5PM PST

Bidding Closes - SAT APR 13th 6PM PST

Preview Date - SAT APR 13th 11AM-3PM

Pick-up Date - SUN APR 14th 12-5PM

Location - 1309 Bouslog Rd., #109 Burlington, WA 98233

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Buyers Premium 10%
Catalog Items -

Blown Glass Lamp Shade, Todd Phillips, Quoizel 216 Carved Wooden Bear Cub Sculpture 100 Dan Bergsma Blown Art Glass Vase, 13x5 213 Victorian Eastlake Hardwood Commode, Marble Top, 202 Stained Glass By Annette Tamm, Grapes On Lattice 197 Antique Buffet, Small 47x16.5x36h. Crimped Detail 209 Antique Wooden Stereoscope Viewer, 105 Dan Bergsma Blown Art Glass Vase, 11x7 214 Civil War Cavalry Sword, Made In Solingen Germany 104 Blown Glass Lamp Shade, Todd Phillips, Quoizel 217 Japanese Ww2 Era Sword Bayonet & Scabbard 111 Wooden Coyote & Cactus Bookends 117 Dan Bergsma Freeform Art Glass Bowl, 18.5x12.5 304 Dining Table, Solid Hardwood, Drop Leaf, 4 Leaves 205 Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount File Hanger, Green 6" 188 Stoneware Strainer Bowl, Tan With Brown Flecks, 120 Antique Dessert Server, Solid Wood, Flame Mahogany 208 Dan Bergsma Freeform Art Glass Bowl, 20x15.5, Gree 215 Vintage Zenith Flip Up Am Tube Radio, Works. 132 Haeger Pottery Oval Centerpiece Bowl, Orange Glaze 136 Carved Hard Wood Headboard, Rosewood Or Mahogany 206 Fenton Glass Bunny Amethyst Carnival Glass, 5.5" H 143 Ceramic Pitcher W/ Lid, Handpainted Flowers, Very 137 2 Night Stands, Solid Oak, Serpentine Front, 230 Toledo Countertop Mercantile Scale, Honest Weight, 211 Pair Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount File Hangers 193 Vintage Red Metal Mini Cash Register, Works! 7.5"h 147 Seahawks Birdhouse, Painted Wood 12 X 24" L 159 Pair Heavy Clay Pots On Metal Stands 10" W 157 Blown Glass Lamp Shade, Todd Phillips, Quoizel 218 Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas Clock, 166 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 171 Blue & Green Tapestry With Floral Embroidery, 178 Leica Meter, Made In Germany 180 Vintage Cast Iron Frog Boot Scraper, Ah-dorable! 99 Knights Templar Sword & Scabbard Henderson Ames C. 102 Knights Templar Sword &scabbard Cincinnati Regalia 103 Mechanical Wooden Metronome, Marque Deposee 106 Heavy Brass Table Lamp, Desk Lamp, Floral Shape 107 Handmade Wooden Box With Carved Fisherman On 108 Reenactment / Replica Sword & Scabbard, 109 Ornamental Sword & Scabbard, Carved Wood 110 Dagger With Carved Wood Handle & Shealth With 112 Branding Iron, Lazy " T " " J " 36.5" 113 Vintage Bow Saw, Painted Red 114 Vintage Wooden Armin Trosser Coffee Grinder, 115 Large Wooden Spool 9" H 116 Mccoy Ceramic Crock With Lid, Honey Brown Glaze, 118 Stoneware Bowl With Lid, Tan With Brown Flecks, 119 Vintage Drafter's Protractor Kit 121 Ceramic Bowl, Pink Trim W/ Yellow Flower In Center 122 Handmade Shallow Leaf Shaped Basket With Feathers 123 Wood Tray With Blue & White Tiles 124 Vintage Linens 125 Vintage Linens 126 Vintage Linens 127 Wooden Book Holder And Wooden Duck Box 128 Vintage Metal Stool, Bench Seat, Painted Green 129 Gardening Hand Tools 130 Wooden Arched Wall Hanging Trellis And Clay Pots 131 Brass Casing 40mm M25 S.m.c.-364 1944, 12.25" L 133 Mccoy Pitcher, Cream With Pink & Blue Stripes, 134 Stoneware Pitcher, Blue, Pink & Blue Floral Motif, 135 Red Wing Mug, Brown Glazed Ribbed Outter Turquoise 138 Ceramic Mug, Spotted Carmel And Chocolate Thumbprt 139 Crystal Vase, Flared Top Narrow Bottom 10" H 140 Small Crystal Bowl 4.5" And Jar With Lid 5" 141 Malt Vinegar Stoneware Jug W/ Cork Stopper 6.25" H 142 Ceramic Dessert Server, Pie Plate Cream 5.5"h 11"w 144 Small Wooden Dry Measures Accented With Metal Trim 145 Vintage Deluxe Supreme Postal Scale, Metal 8" H 146 Metal Bank, Uncle Sam's 3-coin Register Bank, Made 148 Ceramic Cylinder Vase, Putty Grey 6" H 149 Set Of 6 Metal Mini Trays, 2 Are Hand Painted 150 Hand Thrown Vase, Black With Tan Accents, Ribbed 151 Large Clay Jug, Double Handles, Cork Stopper, Glaz 153 Stoneware Bowl, Plant Pot, Natural Color, Signed 154 Usa Pottery, 12" Charger Platter, Glazed Spiral 155 Clay Bowl 10" And Low Bowl 7.5" By Evans Design 156 Vintage Brown Glass Bottles, 1 Hazel Atlas 158 Brass Planter, Spiral Ribbed Sides, Made In India 160 Lombard Brass Ash Bucket With Two Handles 161 Vintage Ornamental Brass Scales 19" H 162 Pottery Lamp 22" H, 163 Copper Kettle, Blue & White Ceramic Handle And Lid 164 Ceramic Pitcher, Black With Gold & White Accents 165 Copper Kettle, Hammered Details, Short 5.5" H 167 Copper Kettle, Wooden Handle And Knob 168 Vintage Oil Can, Nice Extra Virgin Olive Oil 169 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 170 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 172 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 173 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 174 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 175 Handmade India Style Embellished Pillow Covers 176 Set Of 6 Pillow Covers, Brown & Gold Made In India 177 Assorted Camera Equip- Lenses, Adapter Ring, Etc 179 Projector Scope E9680 And Screen 181 Polaroid Camera 182 Argus Previewer For Color Slides, In Box 183 Pink Glass Basket, Heavy 4.5" W 184 Set Of 3 Lead Crystal Candlsticks Made In Usa 185 Green Glass Stemware Cocktail Glasses 186 Wooden Rolling Pin, Tenderizer, Solid Wood 20" 187 Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount File Hanger, Gold 6" 189 Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount File Hanger, Gold 4.5 190 Vintage Cast Iron Hanger The Climax Transfer File 191 Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mount File Hanger Black, 192 Wine Tasting Glasses And Dessert Glasses 194 Assorted Kitchen- Baking Dish Fondue Stick Set Etc 195 Assorted Kitchen- Baking Dish Fondue Stick Set Etc 196 Regulator Wall Clock 198 Mother And Child Reproduction, Gold Wooden Frame 199 Alma Tadema Print, Gold Gilded Wood Frame 200 Asian Side Table, 2 Drawers Over Two Doors, 201 Brown Lamp, Amber Colored Mica Shade 14x14 203 Glider Rocker With Ottoman, Light Oak With 204 Wooden Primitive Hay Fork, Decorative 207 Little People Stools, 2, 12x12x30h Back Height. 210 Homemade Organizer, 15 Drawer, Farmouse/primitive 212 Cranberry Glass Vase, Large, 10.5x12.5h. 219 6 Blue/cranberry Champagne Glasses. 220 4 Cranberry Colony Champagne Glasses, Bohemia 221 Uranium Glass Sugar & Cream. 222 Uranium Glass Candle Stick Holders. 223 Uranium Glass Salt And Pepper 224 Violet Glass Pitcher And 4 Glasses. 225 Cranberry Glass Vases, 226 Cranberry Glass, 4 Piece Cream & Sugar Bowls, + 227 Cranberry Glass, Salt & Pepper + Decanter. 228 Cranberry Glass 6 Piece, Bowl, Vases, Pitchers. 229 Cranberry & Clear Cocktail Glasses Thumbprint 240 Cobalt Blue Pottery Bowl 241 3 Pc Pottery, 2 Votive Candle Holders 1bowl 242 Hazy Blue Grey Glass Centerpiece Bowl 243 Hand Blown Royal Blue Crackle Glass Pitcher 244 Hip Vintage Paper, Red Plaid & Cool Turquoise 245 Woven Throw Blanket 58x90 246 Portable Single Burner Camp Stove 247 Bouncy Garden Bugs 248 Assorted Hardware- Porcelain Enamel Towel Bar, 249 Vintage Furniture Drawer Pulls 249A Cast Iron Swivel Coat Hook 249B Assorted Casters 249C Vintage Cabinet Drawer Pull Handles 249D Pair Of Pottery Bowls, Shallow 5" W 250 New Plano Tool Box 251 Glass Oil Lamp With Glass Hurricane 252 Candle Snuffers 255 Silver Cocktail Shot Measure, Small Bowl And 257 Abalone Cover Monkey Pod Bowl, Small Ecuador Bowl, 260 Brass Furniture Locks 263 Miniature Brass Abacus 264 Assorted Smalls, Marble Vase, Painted Stone Egg 265 Small Hand Painted Wood Box Signed 2.5" Vintage 267 Small Carved Bone Chest Box With Brass Hardware 268 Two Round Pocket / Train Watches, Waltham, Vulcain 271 Steel Keepsake Memory Jars, Urn With Leaf, Heart 273 Assorted Box, Leather, Brass, Gold, Pipe, 274 Petrified Wood Piece 6" 275 Heavy Charcoal Black Stone With Copper Inclusions 276 4 Shell Fossils 3.5" Biggest 277 Fossilized Orthoceras 5" 278 Fossilized Alokistocare Harrisi 4" 279 2 Rock Specimens 4" 280 Thunder Egg 2" 281 Smooth Polished Coprolite Specimen 3.5" 282 Agatized Fla Coral 2.5", Fossilzed Calif Coral 2" 283 Collection Of Red Stones & Minerals 3 " Biggest 284 Pair Of Geodes, 4" Biggest 285 Polished Blue Geode And Polished Stones 4" Biggest 286 Collection Of Dark Stones & Minerals, Fossils, 287 Jurassic Belemnites 288 Collection Of Light Stones & Minerals Opals, Quart 289 Quartz Collection- Smoky, Yellow Egg, And Specimen 290 Fossil Specimens, Bagged Collection 291 Pair Vintage Silhouette Pictures, Thermometer Of 292 Pair Vintage Round Frames, Velvet Mat Bubble Glass 293 Assorted Frames 294 Obsidian Slabs, 2 Pcs 295 Beach Glass 296 Print Of Late 1800s Rose, Gold Frame 19.5 X 21.5"h 297 Jodi Bergsma Framed Print " Be Still" Horses 298 Stuffed Seahawk Bird 28" 299 Untitled Abstract, Cityscape With Pink And Blue 300 Pair Of Snorkels And Fins 301 Tool Bucket 302 Bent Wood Stool 303 Brooms And Mops 310


COMPLETED - Estate Auction - Home Decor, Collectibles - April 13